3 Movies every Girl Boss needs to watch

to all the Girl, and Guy bosses out there. Finding motivation to wake up every day and do your own thing is hard. I love lifting up my own spirits by watching a movie. And not just any movie, GIRL BOSS BLOCKBUSTERS. (I am very, very pleasantly surprised I came up with this phrase) I am totally patting myself on the back and doing a happy dance right now.

But my amazing writing skills aside :D. I have completed some of the best movies you need to watch right now. Lock that door after watching this post and enjoy 😉

The intern

Yes, this is one of my favorite movies on the planet for a couple of reason. One it has Ana Hathaway and she is amazing. Two, it Ana Hathaway….. You get the point.
But if an amazing a list celebrity can’t persuade you, perhaps a little more information can.
The Protagonist (ANA HATHAWAY) starts her own online business and is wildly successful. But she has forgotten how to live life. So a senior intern (I don’t mean college, I mean OLD PERSON) teaches her how to actually live life to the fullest and not compromise her career.


Hidden Figures

This movie stars cookie from Empire so if you love that show you are welcome 🙂
Hidden figures is a movie based on a true story. It shows how black women worked at NASA. When black people were not even allowed to sit in the front of the bus. With being a woman and being black working against their favor, they learned how to climb their way up.

I love this movie because it really showcases that hard work and perseverance trumps all.

And it taught me that even if I am different and people say I can’t do it. I can work hard and succeed even if people say I can’t.


Legally Blond

A classic. I might argue THE CLASSIC every Girl Boss needs to see. It’s a movie about a popular girl in college. We all know that girl that everyone knows all over campus. Once her boyfriend brakes up with her to date someone more serious she decided to show people that looks aren’t everything. And that not everyone is who people think they are.

I have seen this movie uncountable times. It has been my inspiration for years. It has thought me that no matter what people think about me, I know who I am and that I define who I am. This movie has an amazing message that truly is inspiring.