4 Signs you need a social media cleanse

Today social media is everywhere. Everyone has facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… But is it all worth it? I took a break from social media and it has helped me come up with new ideas and actually reĆ«valuate why I was doing this in the first place.

You are focused on likes
Even if you aren’t a blogger, likes can feel like your validation. And honestly wanting to please others can be part of your nature. I know it’s something I still struggle with today. Instead of adding the extra pressure of social media and being liked it’s good to reassess why you are on social media. If it’s just to impress others maybe it’s just not for you and that’s okay!

You are sharing things you don’t care about
Sometimes going on facebook and reposting or liking other peoples status updates can become routine and feels like a must. It shouldn’t be an obligation to sit behind a computer screen to like other peoples content.  And again I am guilty of this, just because people are my friends outside of the social media world doesn’t justify me having notifications on so I can like their post at 2am.  If your friends can’t understand that you need a social media break. Maybe they are not the right friends.

You are trying to be perfect
We all know social media isn’t completely real. But still, it’s easy to get sucked it’s a world of perfection and feeling inadequate. And  I totally understand. This is a very normal thing, some days are better than others but if the days where you are comparing yourself to others are more then the days you are not, it might not be ideal to be online right now.

You are feeling guilty about taking a break
This is the last and maybe most important tip I can give you. I remember feeling so bad about taking time off. My mum and I had put so much work into my blog back then.  Honestly, I felt like I was letting people down by doing so. If you feel this way and are just creating content for others and not for yourself, I honestly think a brake can show you why you were online in the first place and can teach you a completely new perspective