4 steps to define success without getting overwhelmed

I was having an interview with a reporter and he asked me what I wanted to achieve. I thought this was a very interesting question. How we define success can set us up for failure. Or can get us to a point of despair. When I changed my definition of success, I stopped being anxious about achieving big things and started being happy with the small, some might even say insignificant achievements I accomplish.

But it’s not easy to be satisfied with the small things when you haven’t decided where you want to go. So I have broken down all the small steps I am taking to avoid anxiety and increase the feeling of my feeling of accomplishment.

Set short term goals

I have the tendency to look way further then I should be. It’s very easy for me to get carried away and daydream. Even though it’s good to know what you want, setting goals you can achieve in 2 or 3 months can really give you that confidence boost you need.

Small goals make big dreams

This is one of those things I wish I had known in the past. But setting small achievable goals can honestly be one of the easiest ways to get somewhere. Just because goals are small right now, they can get bigger in the future. My big goal for April is to get 5K on Instagram. It might not sound like a crazy number to you, but for me, it’s just crazy enough so I need to work, but not crazy enough to get me overwhelmed.

Success is what you make it

Setting goals is a big part of being successful but your mindset towards success is even more important. Like most people, my vision of success was a nice house and a nice paycheck. And we all need money to eat and to just live life but money doesn’t amount to success.
Knowing what you want in life can really change the way you see success. To me being successful is having an impact on peoples lives. Every time someone comments on a blog post or picture I feel like I have achieved something. And no that doesn’t pay me money but that’s not the point.

Celebrating the small things

Every time I accomplish something. How miner it might seem, I sit with my mum and we talk about it. We might go to a movie or go out for coffee. These small actions can make everything feel more achievable.