6 Steps to becoming productive

Being productive can hard and demanding. Especially when you work from home. In an office or workspace, everyone around you is working. At home, it’s all about discipline and having a plan. The first weeks I had a very hard time getting everything balanced and well organized true out the day. Now I feel like I have it figured out pretty well.

  1. Have a plan
    The to-do list
    This is one of the first things I do when I wake up. I mostly have my to-list in my head completely figured out. But by mid-day, I have forgotten half of the things I needed to do and just keep working on things that can wait. So setting up a daily and weekly and monthly to-do list has really helped me
    I use wunderlist to create my different lists and set goals.

Plus it’s very satisfying to be able to check off boxes ones something is complete.

  1. Keep your energy high but sleep enough
    For me keeping my energy high and sleeping enough has been a challenge. I used to drink 5 cups (or more) of very strong coffee to keep my energy levels high throughout the day. This results in little sleep and bad ideas. I have noticed that sleep can be so beneficial to all the work that needs to be completed. So sleeping less than 8 hours a day might help fish your to-do list but can be harmful in the long run.

Instead of having coffee all day long, I have a qiqo drink. It’s a hot drink that works just like coffee but doesn’t give me that crash I hate. And I know what you are thinking, energy drinks are really bad for you. Well, this one actually isn’t bad for you at all. It has 100 percent natural ingredients and vitamin B & C. The most amazing part about this drink is that you can try it free right now via my link.

  1. Give yourself a schedule
    I have been very bad at this the first couple of weeks. Because I love working so much I would start as early as I can and finish as late as I possibly can. When you are working on your hobby all day it can be hard to stop. But recently I have realized I need to set working hours for myself to get burnt out in the long run. So I start my day at around 8 am and finish around 7 pm. This has left me some time to do things that aren’t related to my blog or read other blogs.

It is very important to see working at home as if you were working in an office. And this also means taking one day off. I have a very hard time doing this because I constantly come up with ideas. But it is something that is very important to do on a weekly basis to priorities friends and family.

  1. It’s okay to not finish
    I wish I understood this when I was studying because I have been the queen of overplanning. I would be so afraid that my whole schedule will be if I didn’t finish my tasks. Now I have learned to prioritize. This simply means that I check what is urgent and if that is finished, I have done what I am supposed to do.
  2. Leave the phone and laptop in the office
    Knowing when to stop is one of the hardest but most rewarding things. Yes, the first 2 days I started leaving my laptop in my office it was so hard. I love working but learning to turn it off can be very good for productivity. To avoid forgetting the ideas I had, I keep a notepad next to my bed.

Having my phone as a notepad has bee one of the worst things I have ever done for myself. Scrolling true pintrest and Instagram at 2 am was a real thing for me. Now that I have stopped using my phone in the evenings I sleep better and feel less stressed.

  1. Get a dedicated spot
    This might sound very obvious but taking the time to get a place to work is very important. I only started really getting things done after I got a desk and a chair so trust me on this one.

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