7 red flags when online dating


So I started dating again I know shocker. Not really, if you have been on my blog for some time (Thank You BTW) you have probably read about the reasons why I didn’t date for 1 year. But I felt like it was time to get off my high horse or actually get on one. Okay, just kidding, couldn’t help myself.

Because I don’t go out much (AKA never but I try to make you guys feel like I am social). I naturally moved to tinder. I know tinder is one of those things that you love or you hate but you still keep using when desperate enough.

Over the past month or 2 months, I have figured out what the red flags are. So don’t make the same mistakes as me PLEASE.

1. Shirtless pictures

I get it, we all want a nice guy with a six pack and preferably the same interests. But don’t swipe on someone with shirtless pictures. I swear (and this is my theory) guys who post shirtless pictures on tinder are there for sex or need a rebound. Which is fine but if you aren’t looking for that please don’t try to match with them. Think of it this way, will shirtless guy ever father your children?

2. Sending you his FULL PACKAGE

Even if he has a nice package, this is not the guy that is coming on family dinners with you any time soon. Please don’t even waste your time. Even if it is big or cute (I don’t know how it can be cute but who knows).

3. Wanting to meet up immediately

Meeting up with someone you met online takes time. The initial conversation starts online and you meet up in a PUBLIC place.  And I know I sound like your mum right now but if the guy is asking to meet up right away, you don’t really know what their intentions are and you should really just block them. Don’t give it your time. And if he wants you to come to his apartment, DON’T DO IT. You don’t want to be the gril right before the horror movie starts.

4. If someone tells you they only want sex don’t try to fix them

Tinder is not for the humanitarian in you! It is a dating site, you don’t need to save people on there. Even when a guy is really cute and owns a puppy and has blue eyes. When he says he doesn’t want a relationship you should listen

5. He doesn’t have any social links

Yes, Stranger Danger is a thing. So knowing who you are talking to is very important. If I see someone I like and his Instagram is linked I feel more secure. I have a little bit more assurance this person is not catfishing me.

6. He doesn’t ask personal questions

When you are trying to get to know someone, you mostly do this by asking questions. I tend to be very curious and ask a lot of questions, the simple questions like: do you have siblings, what’s your favorite movie…

When talking to someone you expect to get an answer and maybe a followup question. If the guy doesn’t answer or doesn’t ask you any questions, he just isn’t interested!

Tinder is based on looks and some guys just want you for your looks so remember that. And think of that as a compliment because they are telling you, you are pretty hot.

7. Everything becomes sexual

Some guys have the talent of turning all conversations into something sexual. I swear they can turn everything into a sex joke. It is needless to say you know where their mind is at. So if you aren’t into a one night stand, skip it!

So yes, I have done a couple of stupid things on Tinder.  Aka swiping on the shirtless guy. And I have seen too many pictures of too much privet parts that I swear my eyes hurt. So don’t waste your time and be careful out there!