After: Movie review

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the trailer of this movie. The poster seemed more attractive than hell boy playing in the haul next door. So I went in: no expectations, no excitement. Just me and a handful of teen girls looking to watch the next love story.

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From the start, I fell in love with the main character Tessa. I will be honest I saw myself in her, a girl who holds on to her high school relationship. She stayed in a relationship that felt safe. And this is very common and a trap I fell into as well.

Flash forward to her college life, she tries to get the experience. But we all know that this is just not possible being in a relationship.
She ends up cheating on her high school boyfriend/ best friend for the bad boy. And yes, he is trouble but not the trouble you expect. This movie was not like the other romantic dramas I have seen lately. It had a Nicolas Sparks vibe with a bit more age restriction.
From the explicit sex science to the dramatic overloaded fights. This movie is drama from beginning to end.
It was a good movie but it felt more like a Netflix production that could have been watched on the sofa and not in a theater I would say, don’t spend the extra cash and wait for the movie to come on Netflix. It’s not really worth cinema money.