Dealing with pressure

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I’ll be honest, lately, I have been struggling and the pressure is getting to me. Writing the latest greatest thing is hard. Having all eyes on me has gotten me scared and a little bit apprehensive. After leaving university to essentially become a blogger things have been really hard.

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I have been set so many goals for myself and increased the pressure so much that it has become hard for me to post. Doubling whether a blog post, Instagram post or even a short Instagram story is good enough has been going true my mind constantly.

And it has been holding me back and the content I love making. Even if I don’t really care about what other people think, naturally I want to produce content that is great.

So instead of writing for others, i am going back to wring for me and sharing the things I love to share. No more pressure of a content calendar with posts I don’t really care about. Going back to the basics and living life is the most important thing.

Lately, i have learned that my life is in my own hand. And that thought brings shivers down my spine. Understanding that I am responsible for my life is something I have always know but now I am starting to realize. Dealing with this pressure is something I still learning. Making decisions and then questioning them later is part of life. Understanding how to actually deal with this is something I am learning day by day.

I have been hesitant to share this post. It is not easy to put your heart on your sleeve on the interenet. But I wanted you to know that you are not alone if you are going true something similar and it’s okay to share.