Hometown: your next date destination

I am one of those people that wants to go to a country and experience the real authentic country I am visiting. Let’s be real not too authentic. When I say authentic it should still have my western comforts. Trust me I am aware of the fact that this is totally not authentic but let’s just say I like to feel like I am in a different environment.

So let me just stop rambling on about a kind of authentic place that’s not really authentic and tell you about it.  I went to hometown Coffee & BBQ and let’s just say it is everything I wanted and more.

The location of Hometown is perfect. Yes, it has the African teched roof we all love and want to see. But it still has all the western comforts I crave. Basically: Ariana Grande and BBQ have made me fall in love with this place more then I could imagine.

And yes, the coffee did sell me on this place. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict and with all the coffee I drink I might as well call myself an expert. It was a pretty good cup of coffee. The only downside to the coffee experience was the lack of flavors.

But let’s be real the food is what I went for and I can say it was really good. The only downside is the lack of vegetarian and vegan options.

The service was amazing. Everyone who was working seemed very enthusiastic and happy. This really sets the mood and makes the place an overall enjoyable experience.

From watching your cocktails being made at the bar to having bbq made right in front of you. Let’s just say the show is really on!

If you are in Zimbabwe I can really see this place being the perfect alternative to going out to a bar with a little more flair and class. And yes, it is definitely a place to go out on a date outside.

Let’s be real for the amazing service you get all these little remarks can be disregarded completely.