Hotspot: MOOY coffee for every IT GIRL

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If you are living in Antwerp and haven’t been to MOOY yet, you don’t have Instagram. This place has been all over my feed for months now. Pretty, pink, and every respectable instagramer has taken a picture in front of there feature flower wall.

So naturally, I did some stalking and investigating to figure out where exactly the place was located. And of course, I took pictures by the flower wall because I am that basic.

Let us discuss the interior first. It feels like the house from Legally blond but waaaay better. The cups, the chairs, the tables, everything was designed for the perfect flatly and the aesthetic. So after getting over the different shades of pink galore, I even found out that the toilet paper was pink. Yes, you read that right even the TOILET PAPER.

The people were very nice and patient. And this is something I truly appreciate because we all know I take hours to make a decision.

We all know I went there to try the coffee. Cheaper than Starbucks with a very impressive list of drink on offer. Of course, I tried the Pink 24k Gold Latte. And yes it came with sprinkles of what looked like some gold.
But sadly tasted like every other latte. The experience was definitely worth it tough. For €6,50 I definitely felt like a billionaire for the 5 minutes I was drinking my coffee.

And before I forget to tell you the most amazing part about this experience, the coffee came with caramel popcorn. We all know I eat popcorn almost every day.

So is it worth it?
I can say MOOY is a very pretty place for some very pretty Instagram shots. And if you are in the area the experience is definitely worth going to. And I know they will be seeing me in the future!