How I am learning to believe in myself


It has been a ride. Leaving university and trying to make my dreams a reality is proven to test me. But I feel like believing in your own abilities is the only way to become anything in life.

1. Understanding the power of practice.

A couple of weeks ago I had a very hard time writing. I wrote a blog post about it here. Even though things kept happening I was telling myself I wasn’t doing things well enough. Because I am such a perfectionist it is hard to be happy with the content I put out. Since then I have realized it is time to let go of my insecurities and just keep practicing. And I felt like it was time for me to share how I got to this point where I am writing every day.


2. Being your own biggest fan

If I don’t believe in myself, no one else will. I talked about this in the past. And I realized very early on that I didn’t believe I could do it. I was trying to convince myself I was making a mistake. Because I have seen people end up in poverty making mistakes and honestly it has scared me so much. Eknowlaging my own fears, is giving me the courage to work on them. Believing in my own abilities is about understanding why I didn’t believe in myself in the first place.


4. You can be the best at something

I want to be the best and I know I am not the only one. And theirs nothing wrong with that. Dreaming big is okay and it is something we all should do a bit more. I sit and think about how I want to make my mark and be the best in my industry. And this is teaching me to work harder and try to become better.


5. You make your own path

My disbelief in my own ability has become more prevalent because I was looking at others. And I know I am not the only person who looks at what others are doing. Especially in the industry, I am trying to get into, I have noticed that most bloggers are a lot older than me and blogged for years next to their day job. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean you can’t be the first. And understanding that I might be one of the first people who really is trying to make it in the blogging world without a degree or a different job sounds scary. But I am accepting that this might be a success story I can tell in a couple of years. How I am learning to believe in myself