How I am trying to become a better blogger

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Blogging has been my passion for a couple of years. But this year I want to take it to the next level. With competition and blogs seeming to pop up every single day I decided it’s time to take things to the next level.

Learning about blogging

I want to understand the industry I am trying to get into. In the past, I would watch youtube videos and read tips from other bloggers. Now I have learned that buying books and investing in courses can be beneficial.

The marketing

I have always been interested in marketing and understanding how it works. This is why I took communications courses at university. But I have learned that these courses haven’t taught me what I need to know. So instead of waiting to finish a degree I am going to the library and watching my edx courses about marketing.


People always say you need practice makes perfect. So why not practice every day. Ed Sheeran has a very good analogy for it “when you turn on a dirty tap it’s going to flow sh*t water for a substantial amount of time until it flows clean water”

Even though I am not a songwriter in the slightest. I think the same approach applies to blogging. One of my all-time favorite bloggers InTheFROW writes blog posts every single day. By working hard and doing something consistently it can really pay off. I have learned this lesson in the past so many times!

Understanding my direction

This is something I am working on every day. Understanding what I am truly passionate about and want to write about. I know I want my blog to be somewhere you can come and get inspired. This means learning to become happier, but also get style and beauty inspiration and maybe even some travel.

Ultimately I want to be a lifestyle blog with inspiration and personal development at heart. But redesigning the weal is hard. I don’t have blogs or people I can look upon who are my age. Everyone who writes about personal development and growth seems to be in their 40’s with a very long beard. Yes, I know I am describing Socrates, but you get the point.

Learning to be my own billboard

I have learned a couple of things these past months. And one of them is that I need to be my own spokesperson. No one is going to go and advertise and pitch my blog to people as good as I can. So instead of waiting for other people to talk to friends about my blog, I am going to try to talk to as many people as I can myself. This is totally out of my comfort zone, to be honest. I am not really someone who walks up to people and gives them my card, but I am learning to be one of those people.

Share what you are doing to become a better blogger or perhaps become better at all the things in your life.