How I feel about my body, body positivity and getting fit

I feel like the body positivity movement is something we really needed in the media. But likewise having fit and not skinny role models has also been very important. To me, it’s important to be part of both groups. I feel like health comes first. Both mental and physical health. An open conversation can be a good way to start.

Some of you might know that I am going back into modeling. This inevitably means weight loss. It’s a job I am choosing to do, just like an athlete needs to prepare to perform. But, this does not mean I am not happy with the way my body is right now. I am just not in the perfect shape to do the job. This is a disclaimer I needed to add before I dive deeper into this topic.

I feel like body positivity and getting fit can contradict each other. I love working out and being active. This can be any form of activity I enjoy doing. But constantly being online and seeing peoples transformation, although they are astonishing and very motivating can make me wonder whether I can call myself someone who loves working out.
My body is not built to be a fitness model and this is not what I aspire to be. Of course like everyone else I have things I don’t like about myself but for me, it’s all about feeling good. And that’s where the body positivity comes in. Feeling good about yourself regardless your size is important but, I truly wonder if it’s possible when I and many others are trying to change the way our body shape is at the gym.

The best body shape is your mindset
I have been on both ends of the scale. Overweight, and underweight. At both extremes, I wasn’t happy. When we look at the mirror, we perceive ourselves in our own unique way.¬† This means that sometimes we see things differently than others. I know I can overexaggerate when I see certain parts of my body. Because I am an overdramatic person especially at that time of the month, kind of TMI but I don’t feel like I am alone.

Honestly, I feel like the fitness community and body positivity should come together. Being honest about how I perceive myself and about how I feel about my body can maybe open up a conversation.

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