How to actually sleep on an overnight flight

I know sleeping well and flying usually don’t go together. Except for those people among us that can fly business or get an upgrade. BTW: tell me how you get that upgrade! Following these tips can help you sleep, feel well rested, avoid catching up on sleep on your holiday and looking amazing for that one cute guy you happen to see at the airport

Dress comfortably

Jeans and airports don’t go together if you are flying overnight. Don’t be one of those people that travel in jeans and needs to start removing your belt at customs. Yes, you know who you are and it is annoying for every other passenger. (can you tell I have some flight rage somewhere here if that’s a thing)

Seriously a pair of leggings and something warm is one of the first and maybe most important things you can do. Feeling cold in a plane is the most annoying thing ever.

Bring a blanket

I know they provide blankets in planes but your own softer, warmer and fluffier blanket is always better. Plus if you get really cold you can always layer blankets. This is basically how I survive on planes.

Don’t overuse the entertainment system

I get it, movies everywhere. Movies that are still in the cinema are calling you. You are comparing a movie ticket and plane ticket prices and somehow want to get your money’s worth. NO NO NO, I have made this mistake more times then I can count. Turn off the movies and the games at least half an hour before you plan to sleep. And here comes the old school answer, read a book.

Now if you want to be fancy and carry your library AKA me: take your e-reader.

The food is a trap

All night you can hear carts swarming the hallways of the aircraft. With hostesses with a big smile on their face providing you with a full course meal at all hours of the day. Please DON’T do it! The food might look good at the moment but if sleep is your priority don’t be one of those people eating all night. Even if the food is amazing. Plus think of that frail bikini body you need to protect, dealing with bloating the first day is not the goal here.


Use an eye mask and earbuds

Sleeping your own terms without nose of the aircraft or the people around you. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Exactly, use the tools available to you.  And they even provide sleep masks and earbuds so you can not escape this tip.