How to feel sexy without being in a relationship

Whether you just broke up or have been single for some time, Feeling attractive is feeling confident, and the most important thing, you are doing it for YOURSELF. And I know what you are thinking, my hair sucks, my teeth aren’t white enough, I have a pimple on my nose…
Yes, I get it! We all have insecurities, but this can not stop you from feeling good about yourself.

Wear things you love
And I know this sounds so clichĂ© but wearing what you really like can help you feel so much better. I still struggle with this, I am not immune to all the beautiful Instagram trends that I know I won’t wear. Or wearing things that cover me up just because I’m afraid of wearing the things I really love. But this is something that you can work on the next time you go shopping. Pssst, Go Shopping!!!

You are your worst critic 
Honestly, this is the truth that I didn’t want to accept for a long time. I remember talking to my friend and saying I looked totally disgusting because my hair was up in a bun and I was wearing no makeup and looked kind of dead. His answer, he didn’t even know it until I started complainingµ about it. So yes, mostly it is you.

Buying lingerie 
I never thought I would be saying this out loud but buying lingerie is one of the best ways to feel just a little bit better. Theirs just this amazing feeling of walking past the mirror and just looking at yourself and being like: “I look good”. And theirs nothing wrong with buying it for yourself. I think it’s fun and honestly, why not, it’s only for your eyes anyway.

I know this might sound odd but when I started going to the gym, let me tell you my phone is full of pictures of myself. I don’t know why or how but this feeling just made me so happy. Plus seeing progress in the mirror is just a bonus.