Introducing The art of life series


Life is an art form that can be presented in many ways. How we carry ourselves can be like a filter that constantly changes.

I wanted to make a series that expressed my creativity and let me think outside of the box. This series will be about life, the emotions we experience, and my struggles with depression and overcoming it.


Darkness can be suffocating, tormenting and suppressing. But it can also be liberating. Taking the time to feel pain can change how we feel about life.

IMG_1115 I have struggled with depression and the dark shadow it can cast upon a human being. Learning to live with the gifts I have been given. Understanding who I am as a human being.
These are all tasks we give ourselves to accomplish by our 20s. A never-ending checklist is given to us by society to get some form of authority.

Understanding what it means to be successful, happy, respectful and have humility every single day. An unattainable standard that we somehow see as achievable has driven me to the deepest, darkest places of my being.

Not valuing my own life or the impact I had on others has been a reality I have lived in. Taking every day as a given. Instead of seeing it as the gift that it really is.

In my day to day life. I am not the kind of person that takes the time to smell the flowers. Rushing past the amazing expires and over-magnifying the downs of life we all face.
Learning to understand that the good, the bad and even the ugly can be seen as a series of a beautiful art piece in the gallery of life.