My post workout body care

IMG_0888 Nothing feels better than a beautiful post-workout shower. Just taking that little extra time to take care of your body can make the day ahead feel so much better.
Lately, I have been trying some new body care from urtekram. I’ll be honest, when I got it in the mail I was slightly apprehensive.
Something vegan, organic, good for the planet and for me that doesn’t smell like a forest?
Well, I can tell you, all these things are true. IMG_0894 GREEN MATCHA ENERGIZING CREAM WASH ORGANIC
After testing this product for one week I can say my skin feels a lot smoother for sure. The smell isn’t overpowering at all. It’s just a subtle hint of freshness, that I and everyone else at the gym can appreciate. Also, it is very refreshing to read an ingredients list I can actually understand without having a chemistry degree. It makes me not only feel a little bit smarter but also like I am doing something good for my body.


A body lotion that dries fast and isn’t sticky is very important to me when I am going to the gym. I don’t like wasting a lot of time in the locker room. Basically, I just want to go in and out as fast as humanly possible.

And I can comfortably state that the lotions really dies fast and leaves my skin hydrated.

Now smelling bad is one of my worst nightmares. So I am one of those people that spray deodorant to the point where I can’t breathe. But using a roll on for a change has made my lungs and all the people who need to stand next to me pretty happy.
It doesn’t smell when you apply it, which, I really like. I want people to smell my overpriced perfume not my 4 euro deodorant.

Overall thoughts

I highly recommend these products not just because they are organic but because they really feel good on the skin.