5 steps to being more positive

At heart, I am a pretty pessimistic person. I always put failure ahead of my success and it’s something I actively work on every day. But recently I have noticed myself changing and becoming more positive towards the present and future.

1. Start off with positivity

Recently I have noticed a very big difference in my mindset in the morning. Instead of turning on the news when I get out of bed, I try talking to the people around me. Something me and my mum always do is talk about our dreams and just have a chat. Those conversations are so silly and funny that they instantly put me in a good mood. When I am alone I like going to the gym in the morning.

2. Respond with kindness

I know it’s very unôpulair to want to be a nice person. Especially when drama is so popular all over the internet. One thing I have learned is that being nice can get you so much further. Treating people the way you want to be treated is not only good for them but also the relationships you have. This might be a very silly example but when I was living at university, I would always bring a box of chocolate milk. Every Sunday when I would get back I would put it above the fridge. So when someone would tell me about having a bad day or a problem I would make some Swiss Miss. The amount of late night conversations we have had over coco is pretty remarkable. Now I can say that the people i have lived with have become some of my close friends who I still hang out with today.

3. Don’t be afraid to be authentic

Being yourself can be a weight lifted off your shoulders. It just makes every interaction so much easier to deal with. I used to put up this mean girl persona because I was scared of what others would think. And when I would go to bed at night I would feel so guilty about all the things I had said.  Being yourself can be hard especially when you don’t know how people will react to you. I have learned that being yourself and people actually liking you for who you are can really add to a positive mindset.

4. Have fun

This sounds very obvious but making time for fun can be so beneficial. It could be any hobby that you love. For me, it’s writing this blog and helping others whilst I am discovering myself. Having a set time every day to do the things you really love can make you such a happy and positive person overall

5. It’s okay to feel bad (for a short time)

I know this might sound completely counterproductive. Giving yourself the time to really reflect and say something wasn’t the way you wanted can be really good. As a kid, I would always sit on the countertop after school and tell my mum everything that happened. When I would get bullied this used to be especially good. Because I got it out of my system. I vented and then got over it. Up to this day, I still go and sit (on a chair now :D) and tell my mum everything that’s going on. The good and the bad. This is just so relieving and can put everything into perspective.