The at-home manicure you need: Rimmel Super Gel nail polish

I have never been one of those girls with perfect nails, hair and their life figured out. Doing my nails has been something I have shied away from for some time. But lately, I have started to enjoy the feeling of looking like I have it all figured out. This basically means my nails need to look good and preventable.

I have been trying different polishes every week for some time now. But I have been looking for the perfect dark town neutral color for some time. That color that goes with everything but is just a little bit different.

So I went to Di (Belgian drugstore) looking for the perfect color. After looking for almost 15 minutes I finally found what I was looking for. Right in the middle of the store, the Rimmel Super Gel in color Urban Affair.

The nail polish claimed to look gel-like without needing a lamp. So naturally, I was intrigued. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true, but I can say after applying the first coat my faith in the makeup industry was restored and i realized it was not a scam.

The first coat went on beautifully with some great shine to it. Although it took almost a full Shane Dawson documentary to dry. It was worth it(
And after paying the second coat it is needless to say that I was very impressed.

When I applied the top coat my nails looked almost perfect. But the only downside was that this didn’t stay for long. After 6 days my nails polish started to chip. But for the price of €14 (nail polish and top coat that can be reused with other polishes from the same line), I can not complain at all.

This nail polish has made me very excited to do more reviews like this in the future. And who knows maybe some more beauty style reviews 🙂