The perfect SPA day and how I feel about getting work done

I’ll be honest, sometimes things can be so stressful. To the point where things just don’t seem to look up in at all. These are the days I realize I need to take some time for myself and just reset my thoughts.

Even though I am on somethings you might call a vacation (it doesn’t really feel like it at all) I still get the feeling of being overwhelmed. And a spa day can be the perfect getaway.

When abroad it is hard to find a spa that not only meets your expectations but also is hygienic and has qualified therapists.

The SPA in Borrowdale (Harare) has everything you and I literally need. From the rose gold esthetic to the relaxing environment, this place is everything a girl needs.

My treatment


If you have been following me for some time you might know I hate feet. Specifically my feet. Its something I never pay attention to or spend money on. But this time I felt like I really needed to do something about the horror that was hiding underneath my socs.

This might sound like an understatement but it really was something that made me insecure. So you guessed it, I went and got the work done I really needed to. A  beautifully done pedicure.

Why I think this was worth it

I know it might sound odd to say it but getting something done to feel better about yourself might not be such a bad thing. This wasn’t a big thing, I didn’t get any crazy work done but still, it really gave me that little boost I needed.

Getting work done to feel good about yourself seemed like a very bad idea at first but now I really understand why people get things done. I feel like as long as it is safe and you have really thought about it and you have the funds it makes sense.

Would I get work done

Honestly, I don’t think I would get any serious work done. I am pretty happy with the way I am. The small things I am not happy with I can always fix by going to the gym and trying to better my body.