Why I started my blog

I know theirs a lot of controversies out there on why people start blogs. I started my blog in 2016 and here is actually why.

My life in 2016
It’s already been 3 years of ups and downs. In 2016 I started my blog as a creative outlet. It was not meant to become what it is today at all. During the summer I found myself alone and in a fight with my best friend so I needed something to do. As a child, I would always gravitate to my diary so it felt very natural to blog.

Finding a purpose 
I found a purpose for my blog after I hit rock bottom. I was graduating and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Uring high school I developed a form of anxiety towards others. Out of nowhere I just got afraid of what others thought of me and I started questioning my abilities.

In this period I got scouted as a model. This was one of the most amazing experiences for me at that point in my life. I remember all the newspapers and magazines caring about what I had to say. The things I said seemed relevant and things looked up for a short time.

However, things got overwhelming very quickly. With success always comes hate and I honestly couldn’t handle it. Adults were judging me not only on my appearance but also on my personality even though they didn’t know me.
During this time I was getting the most amazing messages from you guys. And I saw myself actually making an impact. But after a couple of months, the messages stopped and the hate just kept coming. I forgot why I actually had a blog and started modeling. So I took a very long break from everything all together.

I felt like I wasn’t good enough for people to like. This and a toxic relationship made me question myself even more.

Simple by Lisa 
I was telling my friends I wanted to start blogging again all the time. Honestly, they really did their best to listen to all my crazy ideas for blog names and title and the perfect topics. And of course, my mum would just give me that look the why haven’t you started jet look that every mum has. After thinking for a very long time and debating if it actually was something I wanted to keep up with I started.

And this time I didn’t want to just start a fashion blog or a blog about fitness or healthy lifestyle. There are so many amazing experts out there that can actually help and I am not one of them.

Because I had my own struggles in the past, I wanted to share how I felt and help others. Teaching others how to actually love and take care of themselves. My goal is to really show others that regardless of a disability or insecurity you can do anything!

So here I am writing a blog about the things I love and how to actually feel good about it!